Kitchen Remodeling
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Whether you're thinking of a few minor tweaks or a full-scale kitchen overhaul, when remodeling your kitchen, it's important to ensure the work is done correctly. And although DIY projects might seem like a budget-friendly option, many homeowners find themselves wishing they had professionals by their side when neck-deep in a kitchen renovation.

But if you're located in Fairfax, VA and are looking to remodel your kitchen, you're in luck! At HomePrep, we specialize in kitchen remodeling projects and have years of experience to back up our services. From modernizing your kitchen with new appliances and countertops to completely revamping the layout, our team has got you covered.

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Special Features About Our Company

At HomePrep, we're not just another real estate company. We're a full-service design and build company specializing in unique and innovative kitchen remodeling projects. Our comprehensive approach combines expert guidance, financing tips, and a proven process that differentiates us from the competition. Here's why:

Unique Remodeling Styles for Every Taste

We're passionate about creating kitchens that mirror your unique style, moving away from boring one-size-fits-all designs. Whether you're leaning towards modern elegance or rustic charm, we have a variety of design styles to match. Working closely with you, our goal is to help you craft a space that's both beautiful and highly functional

Our Comprehensive Kitchen Remodeling Process

Our approach to kitchen renovations is meticulously designed to make the entire process smooth and hassle-free for you. It begins with a thoughtful discussion about your vision and needs, while our design team creates a custom layout for your approval. We then take care of all the details, from acquiring necessary permits to overseeing the installation process.

We initiate the process with a comprehensive design blueprint, working with you to handpick the right materials and personalized touches that make the space distinctively yours. Throughout this process, our commitment is to maintain full transparency and constant dialogue with you to make sure even the smallest details aren't missed.

Whether you want to be hands-on or prefer us to take the lead, we're determined to build you a kitchen that’s both practical and reflects your unique style.

Full-Service Design & Build Options

At HomePrep, we stand out from typical remodeling agencies and services by offering all-in-one design and construction solutions tailored to your specific budgets and building requirements.

Whether you're aiming for a total transformation of your kitchen or just a few simple tweaks, our team is equipped for the task. With our dedicated in-house designers and contractors, your dream kitchen will quickly become a reality. And if you already have a design blueprint in mind, we're here to help you refine and adapt it to your specific space.

Access to High-Quality Design Experts and a Wide Range of Services

Our strength lies in our team of qualified design professionals who are devoted to building stunning and original kitchen concepts.

Our designers are meticulous in their job, great communicators, and always focused on our client's needs, while offering you valuable feedback for your project. From cabinetry to plumbing and electrical tasks, our broad spectrum of services ensures every element of your kitchen renovation is executed with utmost precision and skill.


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We do it all

We design, manage, and pay for remodels and pre-sales prep

Local management

Our project directors live in the area and know local taste

No work required

Our concierge service means you and your clients do nothing

Sellers love us

We help their properties sell faster and for more

Agents love us, too

Your clients are happy, so you look like a hero

No cash up front

Homeowners pay out of escrow when their home sells

Why Choose to Work With Us?

We've all heard stories or experienced it firsthand – a renovation that starts promisingly but soon spirals into chaos and unexpected expenses. At HomePrep, we're committed to not only producing outstanding results but also ensuring the journey is as smooth and pain-free as possible for our clients.

To uphold this promise, we collaborate exclusively with established and skilled providers renowned for their top-tier work. Our rigorous project management approach guarantees a streamlined and efficient remodeling progression.

While having great designs and materials is a good start to a project, the magic in our process lies in our project management and quality assurance approach. We prioritize vetting everyone involved, from contractors to suppliers, ensuring they meet our high standards. With us, you can be confident that your renovation project is managed by the best in the business.

About our company

Competitive Advantages that Set Us Apart

At HomePrep, we understand that in a crowded marketplace, it's the unique, customer-focused details that truly differentiate one company from another. Here are some of the key competitive advantages that set us apart

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The Services We Offer

No matter your budget needs or design preferences, we offer a wide range of services to accommodate your every need. Some of our key services include:

Full Kitchen Remodels
Kitchen and Bathroom Countertop Installations
Custom Cabinetry and Shelving
Stone Countertops
Tile and Hardwood Installation
/Our Values

The values that drive our work


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Our Locations & Service Areas

HomePrep is headquartered in Orange County, California. However, our reach extends nationwide with a portfolio of accomplished projects in multiple states across the U.S. We primarily serve the following areas:

Past Projects

We have had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of clients and completing unique projects that have transformed kitchens into beautiful, functional spaces. Check out the stories directly from our clients and their families about their experiences working with HomePrep.

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